Susan lives in Laramie, Wyoming. She received her BFA in ceramics with a minor in drawing from the University of Iowa. Her first loves, however, were painting and photography.  All mediums she has worked in have been informed by her interactions with nature... she observed, while living on the plains, the horizon line revealed as a simple elegant edge, the flipped lip of blue dome overhead. In her travels the flow of water, the shift of color as it pools, breaks over rocks, and the objects left in its wake have influenced her sensibilities.  The growth or formation patterns of natural objects interest her. She is influenced by compositional elements found in Japanese Woodblock Prints and by Kimono design. Her painting experience also influenced her approach to photography, creating a desire to produce something other than a replica of the landscape in front of her. She is most satisfied if the photo affords the viewer the space to play with his or her interpretations of what is evoked by the image.